Twitter Makes Dreams Come True!


Truthfully when I joined Twitter a few years ago I didn’t care for it and considered myself more of a Facebook person. It wasn’t until this summer that I saw the true power of Twitter and how it can help make dreams come true.

I love storytelling and making short films. It is a powerful way to help unsung heroes tell their experiences to the world.

In my Vlog, Cara Jones Speaks, I decided to give back to two amazing women, Courtney MacLean and Lilly Carty. Over the past ten years these women were there for me during every milestone in my career. Whether it was my first art exhibition, my keynote speeches, my film screenings or my book launch, I could always count on Courtney and Lilly to be there.

The truth was, they did this for so many people in our community and they never asked for anything in return.

Their story of overcoming adversity as two women with disabilities is inspiring. Lilly has Downs Syndrome and Courtney has Global Display, and she discusses in the video how difficult it was in school to learn as fast as others. As challenging as it might have been, her parents fought to keep her in a regular learning environment as opposed to placing her in special education classes. Courtney went on to study the Culinary Arts and continues to be an advocate for persons with disabilities in the workforce.

Lilly shares her memories of how having Downs Syndrome made it challenging for her to learn how to speak, read and write. As she grew older and took part in extracurricular activities, such as dance, she grew to adore music.

Courtney and Lilly’s passion for music landed them an award for the longest running radio show, LillyCourts45, at St. Francis Xavier University’s, CFXU, 93.3 The Fox and has introduced them to major Canadian musicians like Joel Plaskett, Sloan and The Trews.

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During our interview I asked Lilly and Courtney, “If I could wave a magic wand where money was not an option and you could have any wish come true, what would it be?” Their answer, simple, they wanted to meet their favorite musician Alan Doyle, a famous celtic musician from Newfoundland, Canada, originally from the band called Great Big Sea.

The simplicity of their wish and the selflessness of their continued support for the art world had everyone buzzing. They posted the video on Twitter and in less than three hours Alan Doyle tweeted back. Two months later the girls were V.I.Ps at a music festival in Prince Edward Island, Canada, and backstage living their dream with Alan Doyle.


The power of social media continues to amaze me and in a world filled with trolls, and over opinionated bystanders of violence, it is nice to be reminded how positive action and change can bring people together to help make dreams come true.

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  1. I am Courtney’s foster cousin and there’s not a single day that I don’t see the amazing things she’s accomplished and the fact that she’ stuck by Lilly’s side for SO many years! She amazes me and I’m very proud to call her family! <3 Keep up the amazing work Courtney!

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