Art, Business & Success: An Interview With Top World Thought Leaders Eveline Pierre & Brian Tracy


A couple of years ago I had the amazing experience of meeting and speaking alongside both Brain Tracy and Eveline Pierre at the Steve Seibold Success Network in Miami, Florida.

The second Eveline and I met we were instantly connected. It was one of those amazing life moments where you feel as if you have known each other your whole lives. We saw strength in each other and celebrated our differences in our conversations. Although we come from different backgrounds our similarities of spiritual connectivity, empowering others, and sharing our stories to lift people up and help them succeed, created an instant connection.


Eveline calls herself The Campaigner of Empowerment. Like so many success thinkers I have met in my life, she embodies passion in helping others rise up and embrace their potential. She aspired to empower one million people in her lifetime and she is definitely on the right track.

Eveline Pierre is the Founder and Executive Director of the 1st Haitian Heritage Museum, in Miami, Florida, and outside of Haiti and a best-selling author. As the Executive Director Ms. Pierre’s primary focus is to create a legacy for the future generations while educating the world about Haitian’s many contributions. Ms. Pierre’s expertise is in the field of Arts & Entertainment. Recently Ms. Pierre founded the Miami Chapter of Women’s Technology Alliance.


Pierre has been active in the Arts & Entertainment field for more than 10 years and recently, while under her leadership, the Haitian Heritage Museum was voted the Best Museum of Miami by the Miami News Times. In 2014, she was nominated for the African American Achievers Award, and as one of the 25 Most Influential Prominent Black Women in Business and Leadership, by Legacy Miami Magazine. Pierre was also given congressional honor for International Women Day, and was nominated for President’s Obama Arts & Humanities Council. Ms. Pierre also received the Miami Dade County “In the Company of Women” Arts & Entertainment Woman of the year. (EPWeb)

Eveline is one of the celebrity experts to co-author of the book, The Secret to Winning Big, along with Brian Tracy.  After sharing the stage with Brain Tracy, one of her most influential mentors, I sat down with Eveline to reflect on her experience and to discuss one of my favorite topics: Art and Business.

Cara: Eveline tell me about your experience meeting your mentor, Brian Tracy. Why is he so important to you?

Eveline: Brain Tracy is known as the number one thought leader in the world. I wrote the book, The Secret of Winning Big with Brain and for me to actually met him in person, that was a really life changing moment. All of his books, C.D’s, programs, they are all so relevant to where I am going in my life, where I want to strive to be. To have someone like him who has been-there-and-done-that; bought-the-T-Shirt-and-the-hat— it was life changing for me.


Cara: That means quite a bit considering your history living in Los Angeles and having met and worked with a lot of famous people. Tell me a little bit about your past experience and how that frames your experience meeting Brian Tracy?

Eveline: Being in L.A and meeting famous celebrities, going to the grocery store, going to church, even going to the dollar store. That is a different type of celebrity. Having someone who is a “Thought Leader” who has been doing what he has been doing for over forty years to really help people change their lives. That is priceless. You can’t put a dollar amount on that.

Cara: You have a lot of experience working in the arts. Do you have any advice you would like to share in how other artists can succeed in business?

I have a love of all art, whether it is culinary arts, visual arts, theatre arts, whatever it may be, but you have to have a mental understanding about business to move forward. It is about the art, but it has to be about more. You have to perfect you craft, but sometimes the really good artist doesn’t make it; it is the artist that is mediocre that is succeeding financially because they also crafted their business mind. It’s not going to come easily. As an artist you want to sit around and create and indulge in big lofty ideas, but if I just sat around and only did that nothing would be completed.  So I have to do things that I don’t like to do, like writing a business plan and reviewing proposals. If I don’t, my big lofty ideas will never come to fruition. I will  get frustrated and wonder why people aren’t paying me the value I am worth, but you have to create the value by creating the business understanding of who you are so you can project that onto your clients.images (2)

Having the opportunity to share the stage with one of your most influential mentors is such an amazing experience, but I was so excited that he took a few minutes to discuss with me his own ideas around the subject of Art, Business and Success. Here is what Brian Tracy, celebrity thought leader and business expert had to say.

Cara: I sometimes work with people who are entering the art industry and they are discouraged by old paradigms, and they are continually told they can’t succeed in combining business and the arts. What kind of advice can you give artist to help them shift their paradigm having worked with so many people on so many different levels of success?

Brian Tracy: Art and any other field are subject to certain rules, like mathematics. The reason they might become discouraged from business is because they haven’t learned anything about business. Sometimes people in the arts think they are too good, too different, or at a higher level. That is not the way it is. Everything in life is serving other people, pleasing other people, creating art that somehow enhances or enriches the life of other people.  So they should read a little bit about business, listen to some audio programs about business; talk to business people. Think about how you can cater what you are doing to give people what they want and need, and are willing to pay for it. You will find that the very best artist are also good business people. They are very thoughtful in producing things that the market wants. It doesn’t take you a lot to learn the basics of business.

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