How Reiki Kicked My Young Naive Butt!


You may be wondering how something as loving and gentle as Reiki can kick anyone’s butt, but of course I say that light-heartedly and metaphorically.

I have been a second-degree Reiki practitioner since I was 22, 15 years now (now you don’t have to guess my age). I will never forget when I was about to receive my first level Reiki that would allow me to channel the universal life force through my body to help heal plants, animals and myself. There is no religious philosophy when it comes to Reiki, and it is an extremely gentle and loving form of healing.


The reason I say it kicked my spiritual butt was because at the time, little known to myself, I was in a spiritual crisis. Having gone through quite a bit in my life until age 18, experiencing a sexual violation at 19, starting university at 20, and having my whole spiritual belief system completely transformed from Catholic to Wiccan (and now Spiritualist), my soul had been challenged. It was more than I understood as I continued working on my self-love and acceptance, my individuality, and my creativity, while still remaining present in the moment. They were definitely learning years; however, I was also wearing my new “image” of a spiritual person like a badge. Almost to say, “Look at me, I’m a Granola child, I’m cool…accept me please!”


That was when I was lead to Reiki. I loved the idea of it: the fact that I could help others and heal myself. It also was a connection I desired because I wanted to feel whole; to experience oneness. Then there was my ego that never shut up. You know what I ‘m talking about. That voice in your head that tells you to eat the cake when you know you’re full, or says all those annoying things like, “Go ahead buy the dress, you deserve it,” when you know full well you are broke!

Well my ego was saying, “Get Reiki level one, then get Reiki level two, then get three and become a Master, then teach!” Yikes!

So I attended the initiation workshop, and it felt great. So I go into the workshop and I am initiated, and it feels great. Then Reiki did what it likes to do best, it healed!


I was looking for something to help me feel whole. Connected. Oneness. As a true believer in The Law of Attraction, I got exactly what I asked for. All the holes and spiritual wounds filled in, and for a year I felt like I had a spiritual fever as I cleansed and worked through each issue that rose to the surface, then let it go! It took me over a year to get my second level and by that time I was a completely different person. I had released so much that getting the second level was an experience I could have only dreamed of. I began my journey of wholeness that I sought,  and my ego, although still fully functioning, had grown a mute button that I could press any time I chose. It was amazing!

I wanted to share this with you because if you are about to get your Reiki level one I want to say “Congratulations” and don’t be afraid because even though spiritual lesson can be challenging they are also the most rewarding gifts to give yourself.

If you know of anyone who offers Reiki, I highly suggest trying it out. It is a warm, gentle and loving healing method that brings balance to your chakras and helps your spirit regain strength.

Love & Light to all!

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