The Pep Talk

The Pep Talk

The Pep Talk

I always think about

Giving myself a motivational

 Pep talk

But, to the girl who existed 12 months prior

If only I knew then what I know now


Just Maybe

I would have slept better knowing

That my optimism was not a weakness and naïveté

That being a quote unquote


Was actually a leadership strength

In Empathy

Even though she is slinging beer

With a permanent smile to hide her fear

That all of her gifts

All of her fight

Was being wasted on the wasted

Night after Night

I would tell her that her Woo

Was a gift loved by many

That she unintentionally pulled the patrons

Out of the darkness with her light

They saw greatness in her when she didn’t see it in herself

Her persistence and Never-say-die lust for life

Was part of her unlimited wealth

And when that manager belittles her

For every ounce of head she spilled

Her words vile and unnecessary

An energy vampire that killed

The woman’s need to please

The unconscious and asleep

Her act of walking out the door

Unknowingly would lead her to more

The notes she took on how NOT to lead

Were tough ones to take

But necessary to succeed

The final words of my pep talk

Would simply be

Have faith in what you know is true

And never apologize for being me.

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