Light Workers Unite: Rock Country Singer Rod Black Share’s His Near Death Experience & Outlook On Life!

When I was six years old I flat lined after enduring a severe Grand-Mal (Tonic Clonic) seizure. Although I was so young, I was given the gift of intuition and understand through my near death experience that we are not alone, and that there is so much more beyond this physical realm.

It has been something that has been a blessing but also a very confusing “knowing,” especially when you combine it with teenage hormones and the constant journey of finding your truth in a world that tries to continually define “normal.” A normal you never really could relate to.

Having psychic visions growing up, seeing things that others did not, and understanding people’s layers of emotions and the colours radiating from them as they felt these emotions was not something that was your “everyday” topic of conversation in my small town. As the years went by it was almost impossible for my parents to escape my longing for more information on the mystical world.

I was obsessed with Angels. I used to see my guardian Angel, who I named “Dini,” continuously before my near-death-experience. My mother named my “Imaginary Friend” but I knew he was real.


As the years went by I began to find people who shared similar spiritual outlooks on life, but it was not until recently that I met two people at the same time who both had a near-death experience.

It was after a wonderful day of empowerment. and I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to attend the global organization Free the Children and Me to We event taking placed called, Mighty Peace Day.

I couldn’t help but observe all the light-workers who observed life with a similar zest and gratitude that I feel daily.

At the after-party I was introduced to two singers, Rob Nash and Rod Black, who both revealed their experiences to me. This being the first time I was in the presence of two people who have seen what I have seen, I was pretty excited, and Rod Black in particular shared my excitement.


It was as if two friends had reunited after centuries apart. A brother-from-another-mother is how we instantly connected, and we discussed our similar outlooks on life after being exposed to a spiritual consciousness that reshapes your understanding of how we are all connected.

Rod Black belong to the band, Jet Black Stare, a hard rock band based in Vancouver, Canada, best known for their rock anthem, “Ready to Roll” and their powerful song, “In this Life.”


No stranger to Country Music, having grown up listening to all the greats, from the original country outlaws Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings & Johnny Cash, to the Southern Rock pioneers Lynyrd Skynyrd, it is no surprise that in the last ten years Rod has followed his country roots. Rod has toured with artists such as Shinedown, Hinder, Staind, Three Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd, Theory of a Deadman, Seether, Saliva, Saving Abel and countless others. For Rod, it’s all about performing each song with integrity and establishing a connection with his audience. He consistently challenges himself as a songwriter while delving even deeper into his southern rock & country roots. (RodBlackMusic)


I got to sit down with Rod and talk to him about the moment where life changed for him forever. Here is our conversation about his near-death-experience.

Cara: Rod we met at the Might Peace Day youth conference with Me to We and Free the Children. It was an interesting encounter because truthfully I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place where I’ve met two people, yourself and Rob Nash, in the same place, who have both had near death experiences. Can you talk to me about your experience?

It is my mother who saved me more than once. When I was little, I was about four years old, a semi-truck ran a stop sign and side swiped the truck that we were in. I was in the passenger seat on my mother’s lap. Back then, obviously the seat belt laws were a little bit different, so I was strapped in with my mother. To my understanding I was told I just about flew out of the car but my mom grabbed me.

Fast forward and I was about 11 or 12 years old, we went off a steep embankment called Lumpston Hill, no one has ever survived, and in fact we are the only family to have ever survived a car accident on this hill. We went off on black ice, my mother lost control of the truck and my sisters and I were in the truck with her. The fact that we survived that was amazing.

When you are young you don’t really think about how amazing it was that you survived, you just think you were lucky.

Fast forward again to me turning 19 years old, that was when my life changed forever with the moonshine incident.

Cara: Were you out celebrating?

Rod: No, actually, that is the irony of the whole situation. My mom’s engine was going on her car so I found another car, just a $1500 car, for her to get a round in through the winter. I was making the payments so I was working extra shifts at the pizza kitchen where I was employed. I was working crazy hours and I wasn’t partying or anything like that, so it’s ironic that this incident happened on one of the busiest weekends.

My buddy called me up at work and he knew the owner of the pizza place and said to him, “Hey, Listen, we are all having a big party tonight at my buddy’s house. Why don’t you let Rod have the weekend off?”

Normally, because I am working so many hours and it’s a busy weekend you’d think that my boss would say “No, we need him for this shift,” but for some reason he called me in the office and said, “You’ve been working really hard, pretty much two months straight, 12-hour shifts to make money to buy your mother’s car, go ahead, take the weekend off.”

So my buddy came to pick me up, we went and drank a bunch of beer, at the pits, a bit of a pre-party. We showed up at the party and I remember coming down the stairs and seeing this bottle of moonshine. I didn’t know at first that it was moonshine, it look just like vodka, but it was in this big bottle and everyone was taking sips of it and spitting it into the fireplace and the flames would go up, but nobody was actually drinking it.

There were some girls on the couch and they started telling me that nobody could drink it because they wouldn’t dare try. I was crazy back then, so I said, “I sure can!” I grabbed it, got on my knees, being a bit of show boat, and started guzzling it. Lots of it!

All I remember is waking up to someone slapping me across the face, it was my buddy, who then fireman carried me up the stairs.

My mom, who was across town with her friends, she put her purse down to take her jacket off when her intuition set in and she said to her friends, “I gotta go!”

Her friends were like, “You just got here!” but she just responded, “Rod needs me!”

Rod: She raced across town, got home, put her purse down, then heard some rustling around outside the door. She opened the door and it was my buddy Brian trying to get the keys out of my pocket to open the door and get me down the stairs into my room. They figured I could pass out and they could go out and continue partying.

My mom, after opening the door, saw the look in my eyes and immediately said, “My son needs to go to the emergency room right away!”

My friend Brian was not really arguing but basically was just trying to convince my mother that I just needed to crash and sleep it off. She would have any of it and insisted, “No he needs to go to emergency now!”

So they raced me to the hospital on the other side of town, through red lights. After getting me to the emergency was chaos ensued, the police arrived, it was a huge scene.

Then, all I remember is getting into the emergency room and going a little crazy because I was so loaded, they strapped me down and I heard the doctors say, “ Out of the room everyone, we’re going to lose him!” Then I just heard this long, “BEEEEEEEEEP” sound which seemed to go on forever. From that point on it was dream like.

Cara: After you head the beeping noise what do you remember from that point on?

Rod: The best feeling of my entire life. I was floating. I can’t even explain it any more than that. It was basically just a feeling of tranquillity. I don’t know, but it was all very relaxing, just floating. I remember blue and green lights that it was very hazy and almost like I was coming upon a valley and silhouettes of heads. You could not see their faces but it was as if then thousand people were standing beside each other and you can only see their silhouettes. It wasn’t like I got to the pearly gates and someone was like, “Oh you know what it’s not time for you!” Then I just woke up.

I was still out of it and believing it was all a dream. That was when things really got interesting.

Cara: What happened next for things to get more interesting? Ha ha!

Rod: What happened was I had just woken up. I was sitting there and I was by myself and the feelings was totally different from what I just came back from. It felt cold and uncomfortable.

All of a sudden this girl came in to clean the room. When she saw me awake she looked at me like she was looking at a ghost. I thought it was strange that there were no doctors around because of the last thing I remembered so I asked her, “Um, do you know if there is a doctor around that I could speak with?”

She was still looking at me dumbfounded and shaking a bit, “How are you feeling?” she asked.

“I’m feeling great, a little dizzy, but I would like to speak to a doctor. Can you get somebody for me?”

A doctor came in, sat down beside me like he was a friend. Usually doctors aren’t going to sit next to you in a comforting way.

He asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Well,” I responded, “I’m a little dizzy.”

“Do you feel a little drunk still?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I responded.

He continued, “Do you know what happened to you last night?”

I answered, “I think I might have died.”

He just stared at me and said, “We pronounced you dead last night. I’ve been a doctor for over thirty years, son, I’ve never seen anything like that in my entire life. We are probably going to release you later this afternoon. There is nothing wrong with you.”

He continued, “Normally, people who flat line, they will be in for a few days for tests because there is usually signs of brain damage. After running tests on you last night we see you are completely fine. It is almost unheard of, but you will be discharged right away.”

At this point I had chills starting to come over me. Not in a bad way, not bad energy. This overwhelming sensation and energy came over me.

The doctor said, “I gotta ask you a question, are you a religious man?”

I answered, “Well, to be honest with you I did go to church when I was younger, but I haven’t been lately, even though I still believe.”

He continued, “All I can say is someone is looking over you. When you flat lined we pronounced you dead because you declined so quickly, but what threw us off was that your heart beat came back like you were jogging on the street. Not gradually, but fast. That too is unheard of.”

Again, that is just the beginning.

Cara: Haha, I love how this story just keeps unfolding.

Rod: Yeah, you think that would be in but it literally changed my whole outlook on life. On everything really.

Cara: When we started our conversation you had a quote, or way of thinking, that you wanted to start off with. Can you share that with me now?

I truly believe that the way I was raised is that if you cut yourself, we all bleed the same. We all come from the same source, however you want to look at it. We should be more concerned on helping each other than criticizing each other for our differences.

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