The Awakening: You Don’t Have To Walk This Spiritual Journey Alone

The Awakening

This is an interesting time to be alive on earth. Technology continues to grow in attempts to help us be more connected and to make our lives easier, yet, we grow further and further apart. We’ve become more and more disconnected to the divine source, and instead of ease we create layers of dis-ease.


Media controls the message and the government controls the media. Fear is their weapon of choice, and they take us down one by one with their mass ammunition. But amongst this chaos, there is a light: The awakening of the spirit within us. As if in a hibernation, it begins to stretch out, waking up to its current condition to walk out of the cave and into the sunshine where it can thrive.


It is a rising of vibration and energy frequency amongst the masses. Slowly, we begin to recognize each other in the crowds; in every different kind of packages from young to old. Consciousness wears no nationality, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.


Many of us are deemed “the survivors” in our groups. For us, our journey here on earth has rarely been easy, and for most of us we have felt alone or plagued with a sense of longing. A longing for people to understand and accept us, and to discontinue dimming our lights. We know that we had chosen this but for some reason we cannot remember why.

It’s in those moments of walking around the sleeping-awake that we reunite and find solace in the simplest of conversations, interactions, and knowledge of a powerful truth. The truth of our connectivity to the earth, to the divine, and to each other.

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Together we understand that the greatest enemy in our lives is our egos. We comfort one another on our spiritual paths of learning to live in harmony with our two selves, the soul and the mind. Belly laughter fills our interactions as we embrace the absurdity of our limiting beliefs and how, for some reason, we find it necessary to relive the same difficult lesson multiple times, despite the guaranteed pain that follows.


People scoff at our optimism, our mutual awareness, our knowledge surrounding the significance of the road travelled and the importance of releasing the outcome. Our optimism is vital in overshadowing the fears that bind. It releases the shackles of ignorant bliss—rewiring perception.  The perception and belief that this is all that there is. So never dim your light, shine bright as you stumble from slumber. We all will be there to help each other up while whispering in each other’s ears, “You are radiant, never dim your light, shine bright awakening one.”


2 thoughts on “The Awakening: You Don’t Have To Walk This Spiritual Journey Alone

  1. Love this. I have been going through a spiritual awakening and I also noticed that some people think its weird. I think there is wisdom in silence…because they simply don’t understand….but yet, you want to verbalize these things to help others reach your level of awareness at the same time. Such a strange phenomenon. Nice post. 🙂

    1. So true Lindsay. You begun to realize, just like you can’t make someone love themselves by telling them every day how amazing they are, everyone arrives at their moment if awakening at the perfect time. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Thanks so much for commenting.

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