A Poem Inspired By My Love Of Leonard Cohen’s Writing



When I was introduced to Leonard Cohen’s poetry, I fell in love with how he used simplicity to create such intensity. His way of capturing the complexity of life and relationships through every day language in the form of poetry and song inspired me as a writer and an artist. Every time I read the poems “The Gift” and the lyrics to “Fingerprints”, the meaning would change to fit my current life situation. Here is a poem I wrote in my mid-twenties that captures my passion for Leonard Cohen’s art.


I fell asleep with you last night

My fingers leafed thru your hair

Words fell out like winter flakes

Invisibly drifting to the floor.

 Those are the best kinds of words.

You spoke to me of gifts like that

And the fingerprints you were missing

That girl had a mission similar to air

Naturally existing with clear intent

Her thoughts of ransom you misunderstood.

I wondered if you possessed fangs in youth

Or did flowers lace the rim of your mind

There’s comfort in the truth you speak

I have met many copies of you in my life

Your version is much more compelling.

Sleep enters the room unannounced and leering

Change accompanies it with plans up its sleeve

You by my side with your masks put away

Crawl under my blankets to hide for a while

Ignoring them both until dawn.

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