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The UCA International All Star Championship brings together the best all-star cheer and dance teams from around the globe at the most magical place on Earth—the Walt Disney World® Resort. Twelve year old Roslyn is hoping to be one of those participants.

As an advocate for youth, I am very passionate about supporting young people who are learning ways to be a part of a team, develop leadership skills and participate in physical activities. It promotes confidence, builds self-esteem and gives back to the communities where these young athletes reside.

Cheering is a very physical sport that requires concentration, precision, trust and unity amongst team mates.

When I saw that Roslyn had launched a crowd funding campaign to pursue her goal of attending the UCA International All Star Championship, I wanted to reach out to her and ask her some questions about cheer leading and how it has made an impact on her life.


Here is our interview.

Me: Roslyn can you tell me a little bit about your crowd funding page. What are you trying to raise money for?

Roslyn: I am raising money to go to the UCA all-star Cheerleading championship.

I went two years ago with our travel team. It was different from the competitions here, it was a lot more competitive. It was a very big stadium and arena, a lot different than we are used to but it was a good change.

Me: How did you get involved in cheer leading?


Roslyn: About six years ago I asked my mom if there was anything in our community that was like cheer leading because I always wanted to try something a little bit different.

Me: It seems like it is very physically demanding.


Roslyn: In some aspects, yes. Some of the things we do are a little bit complicated.

Me: How has cheer leading made an impact on your life?

Roslyn: I think it has given me the chance to meet a lot of people and to stay physically active.

Me: Why do you think it’s important for youth to remain physically active and to be a part of a team?

Roslyn: Well, I know for myself I love being a part of a team because there is such a great bond and it’s like a big family. I think it’s important for kids to experience that and to stay actively fit and healthy.


Me: Why do you think it’s important for youth to have goals such as yours?

Roslyn: I think it’s important for kids to have goals so they can experience achieving things they set their minds to. Once you reach a goal it feels so good to know that all of your work has paid off.

Me: If you were to give youth advice, based on the experiences you’ve had cheer leading, what would you tell them?

Roslyn: I’d tell them to never give up. I mean, there have been a lot of times I have wanted to just stop because it’s really hard but not matter what someone says or does you have to keep going. It is a lot of stress mentally and physically but at the same time it’s good.


Me: I can see how that could happen. Many sports require such concentration and technique that can be frustrating to learn. How do you keep yourself going when you get frustrated?

Roslyn: It’s all really worth it in the end and I really try to remember that. Once March comes, we do get to go to UCA and I think that is what is really keeping me going. I always find something every year to keep me going, for example, competition season is always around the corner. We think we are going to do terrible but we always end up doing amazing. That’s what I love about it and what keeps me going.

Me: If you were to describe what it is about cheer leading that you absolutely love, how would you describe it?

Roslyn: Oh that’s hard because I love so much about it. I think my favourite part is the bond that the team has. I like all the physical aspects and pushing towards your goals, but if it weren’t for some of the team mates on my team it would be really hard to make it through the cheer seasons.


Me: What kind of outcome are you looking for going to UCA, besides winning obviously? What would you like to seem come out of the experience?

Roslyn: Well, two years ago we placed third at UCA and this year of course we want to win. But, I just really want to have fun because this is my last year on youth, which is ages 6 to 12. We want to have fun and appreciate it because for a lot of us it’s our last year.

If you would like to help Roslyn achieve her goal of attending the UCA International All Star Championships please visit her GOFUNDME page and help support a youth achieve her goals.



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