A New Landscape: When My Son Was Harassed Online I Was Faced With A Difficult Question. Do We Support & Project Youth In This Changing Landscape?
October 13, 2016
Naked Tuesday: Author Judy Kucharuk Bares Her Soul & Provides Healing With Her Incredible Story On The Tedx Stage
December 8, 2016

Guylaine Vallée became a much-loved and respected fixture on Quebec television and radio, helping people achieve their dreams. From meeting motivational speaker and author Wayne Dyer, visiting Mother Teresa and traveling to Varanasi, India, to reading the palm of pop superstar Ricky Martin to an inner journey seeking self-knowledge through Kriya Yoga, Guylaine Vallée never rests on her quest. How does a small-town girl from Quebec defy convention and become a Vedic palmist to the stars? Guylaine Vallée’s debut autobiography, The Happy Palmist, charts her tumultuous journey from unhappy teen to fulfilled healer and wellness consultant. New York Times best-selling author Steve Erwin (Left to Tell) helped Vallée craft her story, drawing out the rich details of heartache and elation that fills this chronicle of loneliness, hope and redemption.

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