#PODCAST: The American Dream Revisited with Author Gary Sirak

There is a lot of pressure on youth in high school to figure out what they are going to do with their lives? Now that there is so much information and a global connection at our fingertips the pressure can be even more overwhelming and confusing. It also creates unrealistic expectations of the ease in which we can achieve success and when the reality does not match up to the idea I see people giving up on their dreams and throwing in the towel.

But is that necessary? What if you knew that if you worked harder, and longer, you would actually see your dreams comes true and you would see that the American Dream is still very much alive and well.

My guest today, Financial Advisor and two-time Author, Gary Sirak has released his new book, The American Dream Revisited: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results. A book that is turning skeptics of the American Dream into believers with inspirational stories about people who have overcome great challenges to reach their American Dream.

Sirak uses everyday examples to show just how attainable and truly alive the American Dream is. It is not a far-fetched idea for novels and rare cases, but is something that everyone with a desire in their heart can strive to achieve. The stories in The American Dream Revisited are not get rich quick stories. They are stories of individuals who worked through hardships and challenges and were able to transform their dream into reality.


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