Good Morning Gorgeous: Dale Smith Thomas Teaches Individuals & Corporations How To Find Beauty Within

Often times throughout our day we put ourselves down in one way or another. Maybe we think that we are too fat, or too skinny, too tall or not tall enough. Sometimes we can’t even take a compliment when one is sent our way, we just deflect the gesture and downplay our light. How do we change the way we think about ourselves in the world? How do we go from thinking we are drab to knowing we are fab? How do we find our inner gorgeous?

My guest today, Dale Smith Thomas, experienced a similar untruth about herself and did not always think she was pretty, in fact she really thought she was nothing special at all. As she got older she began to realize that her beauty had to come from within.

In her book, Good morning Gorgeous,  Dale reflects on her experiences as Mrs. Tennessee and offers a unique perspective on what it means to be truly beautiful. She has already helped thousands of women discover their “inner gorgeous” and continues to reach more every day. In addition to her books, she’s also been a frequent guest on Dr. Phil and other major network television shows.

I know I say this about all of my guests, but I really did fall in love with Dale’s light. It felt like I met a long lost sister. I highly recommend her book because it captures the struggle within ourselves and offers a fresh outlook on how we can break the shackles of our own negative self beliefs.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning Gorgeous: Dale Smith Thomas Teaches Individuals & Corporations How To Find Beauty Within

  1. I am no longer a podcast virgin! You were my first and I loved it!

    As woman we are our worst critics, we’re so hard on ourselves. Here’s to muting our inner Eeyore!

    Looking forward to more great content!

    1. Danielle this is the best thing I have heard all day. So glad I could be your first..haha! I hope you will come back for more:)

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