December 18, 2014

How My Son Told Me About Heaven & His Past life! Does Our World Create Conscious Or Unconscious Children?

“One day mommy came home, she and I went for a walk, when a fast car came and hit me and my mommy, her body fell on top of me and then we flew up to God.”
December 12, 2014

Art, Business & Success: An Interview With Top World Thought Leaders Eveline Pierre & Brian Tracy

Being in L.A and meeting famous celebrities, going to the grocery store, going to church, even going to the dollar store. That is a different type of celebrity. Having someone who is a “Thought Leader” who has been doing what he has been doing for over forty years to really help people change their lives. That is priceless. You can’t put a dollar amount on that.
December 7, 2014

How Meeting My Angel & Having A Near-Death-Experience, Changed My Life!

Upon arrival, I was whisked away to emergency where nurses and doctors attempted to suction me and bring me back from the flat-line state I had slipped into after drowning from the fluid that so quickly filled my lungs. For a few minutes, I died.
December 5, 2014

Hypersexualization, Critical Thinking & Media Literacy

Pornography has seeped into mainstream culture and youth are exposed to sexualized images on a daily basis through advertising, television and the internet.
December 3, 2014

The Link Between Art and Business: An Interview with Mark Featherstone-Witty, Founding Principle of The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

I think it was Edison that said, “One percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration.” Nobody ever wants to talk about the perspiration! Everyone wants to talk about talent but nobody wants to talk about the hard work.
November 26, 2014

Creating Agents Of Change! Learning Life Lessons From The Poor People In Africa!

“Cara, how does your guilt help them? Instead, feel grateful for the nourishment of the food. Let it build your strength and your mind, then, use that strength to help them.”
November 17, 2014

Teen Medium Shares Experiences In Life/The Departed & Learning to Be Yourself!

In my position working with youth, I was excited to meet all the young people that were involved with the Youth Council. There, seated in front […]
November 13, 2014

Twitter Makes Dreams Come True!

“If I could wave a magic wand where money was not an option and you could have any wish come true, what would it be?”
November 7, 2014

The light at the end of the stigma

I was afraid people wouldn’t understand. I was afraid that they would handle me with kid gloves, or worse, that their perception of me would change.