Canadian Rocker Bif Naked Speaks With Me About Relationships, Surviving Breast Cancer & Why She Wrote Her Song, “I Love Myself Today”!

January 14, 2016 carajonesspeaks 0

I think the skies the limit. It’s just so different now with gender fluidity, with different ideologies. Kids have way more access to information than we ever did and they can really be who they want. So I think it’s important to keep doing that and keep going. It doesn’t matter who comments on what you are doing in life, just keep going and be yourself.

The Power of Asking

November 22, 2015 carajonesspeaks 0

Many people struggle with asking for help for various reasons. They may fear rejection, they might be stubborn and feel they don’t need help, or they don’t feel they are worthy of help. These are just a few examples.

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