I Give You Permission To Haunt Me, Just Don’t Freak Me Out: My Goodbye Letter to My Mother Before She Leaves This Earth

August 16, 2015 carajonesspeaks 1

Dear Mom,

How do you even begin to write a letter or put into words how much you love someone? Love is a gift, an emotion, a comfort and something not everyone in this life is blessed to experience from their family. Since I was a child I always knew that before I came to this earth I chose you to be my parents. Although we did not share biological DNA you shared with me your knowledge, compassion, and values, and that helped to weave my spiritual DNA. Unknowingly, you created a warrior.

The Awakening: You Don’t Have To Walk This Spiritual Journey Alone

June 10, 2015 carajonesspeaks 2

Our optimism is vital in overshadowing the fears that bind. It releases the shackles of ignorant bliss—rewiring perception. The perception and belief that this is all that there is. So never dim your light, shine bright as you stumble from slumber. We all will be there to help each other up while whispering in each other’s ears, “You are radiant, never dim your light, shine bright awakening one.”

My Psychic Vision’s & Learning To Surrender To Life!

December 22, 2014 carajonesspeaks 0

For some reason, my psychic abilities were extremely strong during this time of transition. I had a vision of my boyfriend leaving, saying exactly the words he said to me as he left. I began seeing people and relationships enter my life in detail a week before they arrived. Then, as I drove up the street on my way to pick up Cole, I had a vision so horrible I had to pull the car to the side of the road. My mother was going to have a stroke and die.